Find answers to the most popular questions regarding trading with FXLINK

Trading Conditions

We do offer Cash CFDs that allow you to trade with a continuous price that isn’t subject to an expiration date. The Cash CFD price is derived from the underlying futures contracts.

We offer floating spreads for all account types.

You can check out our spreads by clicking here.

At market opening and closing times and prior to announcements, the market spreads may widen substantially. Consequently, you must ensure that you have sufficient funds on your account to cover this eventuality.

You can download historical data from the MT4 trading platform, by clicking on:

Tools > History Centre – then choose a trading instrument and finally press the ‘Download’ button.

History will then be available on your trading platform, so you can click on:

File > Open offline > Open Offline Chart.

Please note that the longer the time frame, the longer the available history will be. For example, M5 history is available for 1.5 weeks, M15 history for 1 month, etc.

You can set Stop Loss and Take Profit orders with no limits on all account types. SL and TP orders will still be active, even if your computer is switched off. The minimum Trailing Stop level is 1.5 pips or 15 points. It is possible to set only 1 trailing stop per order. You need to have the MT4 platform open to keep the trailing stop active.

Orders in the real market are always executed at current market prices, which is why a slippage may occur in the case of a sharp movement. Please note, that during market-moving news or high volatility, the risk of slippage is higher than during normal conditions. With us, you will get both positive and negative slippages.

Hedging is allowed. The required margin for hedging positions on all accounts is 0. Scalping is also allowed. There are no time limitations for keeping the positions open.