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When discussing equities, we refer to the trading of stocks or shares of publicly-traded companies from around the world, for corporations such as Microsoft, Boeing or Pfizer. When individuals buy stocks or shares in these companies, it defines the amount of interest a person holds in ownership in a corporation. The term stocks and shares are used interchangeably when talking about the topic, due to the fact they share similar meanings, with corporate stock represented by shares

Learn More About Equity CFD’s

Unlike traditional stock trading, at FXLink Capital we offer clients the opportunity to trade equities though the price movements of CFD trading (contract for difference). A CFD is a contract between two entities, such as a buyer and a seller. When applied to equities, such as those listed below, this type of contract allows traders to speculate on the movement of a specific share price, without having ownership of the share in question

CFD trading with FXLink Capital is fast and easy, whilst removing the need to trade through a stock broker. With a CFD contract you are not trading per pip movement of the share price, but are buying or selling a fixed amount of CFDs, which is comparable to a number of shares. It is important to note that no physical share transaction takes place during this process.

Advantages of CFDs on Stocks

  • No middlemen
  • Efficient use of capital
  • Hedging other investments
  • No expiry dates

  • Profit potential in falling/raising market
  • High leverage
  • Free demo account
  • Free news, charts and analysis

Contract Specifications

SymbolDescriptionContract sizePip valueLimits/Stops pending orders can be placed from market priceMargin required
Admin Charge
Long ChargeShort Charge
AALAmerican Airlines100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.3047-0.0554
AIGAmerican International Group100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.56991-0.10362
AMZNAmazon100 Shares$115 Cents20%-19.2665-3.503
APPLApple Inc100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.74401-0.13528
AXPAmerican Express100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.3266-0.2412
BABAAlibaba100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.22024-0.40368
BACBank of America100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.37004-0.06728
BLKBlackrock100 Shares$115 Cents20%-5.45336-0.99152
BRKBBerkshire Hathaway Class B100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.44871-0.44522
CCitigroup Inc100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.83336-0.15152
CATCaterpillar Inc100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.56926-0.28532
CICigna Corp100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.1879-0.3978
COFCapital One100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.11507-0.20274
CRMSalesforce100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.738-0.316
CSCOCisco Systems100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.4818-0.0876
CVXChevron100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.29767-0.23594
DISWalt Disney Company100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.62338-0.29516
EBAYEbay100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.38335-0.0697
ELEstee Lauder100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.17613-0.39566
EXPEExpedia100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.18459-0.21538
FFord Motors100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.09889-0.01798
FBFacebook100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.21056-0.40192
FDXFedex100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.72249-0.31318
GEGeneral Electric Co100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.12188-0.02216
GMGeneral Motors100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.39083-0.07106
GOOGLGoogle Inc100 Shares$115 Cents20%-14.73175-2.6785
GPSGap100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.17864-0.03248
GRMNGarmin100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.0615-0.193
GSGoldman Sachs Group100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.47115-0.4493
GTGoodyear100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.17699-0.03218
HALHalliburton100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.24541-0.04462
HASHasbro100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.11045-0.2019
HDHome Depot100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.35796-0.42872
HLFHerballife100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.49951-0.09082
HOGHarley-Davidson100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.4059-0.0738
HONHoneywell International100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.92929-0.35078
IBMInternational Business Machines100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.46509-0.26638
INTCIntel100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.62436-0.11352
JDJD.com100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.36212-0.06584
JPMJp Morgan Chase100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.48511-0.27002
JNJJohnson&Johnson100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.54407-0.28074
KKellogg100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.7282-0.1324
KMBKimberly Clark100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.507-0.274
KOCoca Cola100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.59829-0.10878
LMTLockheed Martin100 Shares$115 Cents20%-4.25755-0.7741
MAMastercard100 Shares$115 Cents20%-3.19407-0.58074
MARMarriott International100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.56453-0.28446
MASIMasimo Corp100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.71017-0.31094
MCOMoody100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.54848-0.46336
METMetlife Inc100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.54439-0.09898
MHKMohawk Industries Inc100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.5257-0.2774
MMM3M Company100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.88595-0.3429
MRVLMarvell100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.26543-0.04826
MSMorgan Stanley100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.54758-0.09956
MSCIMSCI Inc100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.9326-0.5332
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.66969-0.30358
MSIMotorola Solutions100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.76781-0.32142
MUMicron Technology, Inc.100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.52723-0.09586
NFLXNetflix, Inc.100 Shares$115 Cents20%-3.3825-0.615
NKENIKE Inc.100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.06678-0.19396
NTRSNorthern Trust100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.19801-0.21782
NVDANVIDIA Corporation100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.33288-0.42416
ORCLOracle100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.60291-0.10962
PEPPepsi Co100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.51162-0.27484
PFEPfizer Inc100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.42097-0.07654
PGProcter & Gamb100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.36576-0.24832
PRUPrudential Financial100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.01475-0.1845
QCOMQualcomm100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.9218-0.1676
RACEFerrari100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.82699-0.33218
RLRalph Lauren100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.22804-0.22328
SBUXStarbucks100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.94985-0.1727
SLBSchlumberger100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.40557-0.07374
SNAPSnap Inc100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.16214-0.02948
SNESony Corp100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.71797-0.13054
STXSeagate Technology100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.64856-0.11792
TAt&T100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.4202-0.0764
TRIPTripadvisor100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.319-0.058
TRVTravelers100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.49303-0.27146
TWTRTwitter100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.33176-0.06032
UAUnder Armour100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.19162-0.03484
VVisa100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.00409-0.36438
VZVerizon Communications100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.67298-0.12236
WFCWells Fargo100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.59785-0.1087
WMTWalmart Stores100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.31725-0.2395
WUWestern Union100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.29513-0.05366
WYNNWynn Resorts100 Shares$115 Cents20%-1.33892-0.24344
XRXXerox100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.41492-0.07544
MCDMcDonald’s| Equity CFD’s100 Shares$115 Cents20%-2.14885-0.3907
TSLATesla Motors | Equity CFD’s100 Shares$115 Cents20%-0.73863-0.13423



1. All above instruments are on market execution
2. Fully Automated
3. All times are based on FXLink Capital Server time
4. Subject to change without prior notice
5. No commission charged for all above products

*Admin Charge:
– Is the swap charge “rollover interest” which will appear under the name of Admin Charge in the account history tab.
– Subject to change anytime without prior notice.
– Applies on all accounts type, even SWAP-free accounts.